Magpul 1911 Grip Panel Review

“1 Easy 1911 Upgrade that Won’t Break the Bank”

By Rockforce

One of the first improvements an owner of a 1911 usually looks to make to their weapons is adding a decent set of grips.  Why?  

Because, your grip on a firearm effects nearly everything you do with it – from unholstering to presentation to follow up shots to reloads – yeah, basically everything. 

A bad set of grips on a 1911 can set you up for failure.  Furthermore, it’s important to decide if you want a safe queen 1911 or a combat ready one. 

When I purchased my 1911, I knew I wanted mine to be ready for a gunfight, so my first step was to take off Sig’s custom rosewood grips.  They were smooth and very nice looking, but they were far from combat style grips that I needed. 

I looked into many grips and eventually settled on a pair of very nice grip panels with a punisher skull logo in the middle.  These grips were very well designed, felt good in the hands, gave a good grip, and of course, looked very cool.  They also carried a pretty hefty price tag of $75. 

Magpul 1911 MOE Grip Panels

While I’ve been satisfied with my current grips, I heard Magpul was coming out with a new version of their MOE 1911 Grip Panels and I jumped on the chance to get my hands on them…. literally!

The Magpul 1911 MOE Grip Panels are supposed to be an improvement on their original set of grips – touted as having TSP Texture (Trapezoidal Surface Projections) to enhance the grip. 

I wasn’t shocked that the USA made Magpul 1911 Grip Panels were inexpensive (only  $20), but could these polymer grips really hold up like the expensive ones I purchased many years ago?  There was only one way to find out…

My first impression of the grips was neither overpowering nor awe inspiring. In fact, my first impression, was that they looked kind of cheap and their light weight made me question trying them out. 

However, the new TSP texture felt like it had some potential so I threw them on my SIG 1911. 

As soon as I put the grips on, I could tell that they meant business. They have a very solid and aggressive texture to them, but not quite as aggressive as most of the grip tape I see used on some handguns nowadays. 

The outcome? 

The Magpul 1911 MOE Grip Panels provide a firm grip without having to worry about putting holes in your shirt. 

These Magpul 1911 grips also have a cutout that makes them compatible with ambidextrous safeties.  Not a problem for right handers, but for us lefties, that’s a must have. 

Another benefit is that Magpul included a LARGE cutout for the magazine release.  In turn, that makes it easier to reach the mag release and could effectively speed up your reloads – if it stops you from having to awkwardly cant the pistol because you can’t reach the mag release with your normal combat grip. 

Additionally, the grip panels are a little short on the bottom so that they will not interfere with running a beveled magazine well on your pistol (which I do). 

The only real con that I can come up with for the Magpul 1911 grips is that they don’t have a cool design on them.  Which, might matter for a gun you show off to people, but for a combat gun, it doesn’t matter at all. (Editors note: we actually found that some sellers on Amazon sell the Magpul 1911 MOE Grip Panels with laser cut designs. Pretty cool!)

Wrap Up

All in all, I was impressed by the Mappul 1911 Grips.  The aggressive texturing provides a firm grip even with wet, sweaty or gloved hands.  I think Magpul struck a good middle ground with aggressive texture without being overly so to the point of putting holes in your clothing when you carry it. 

The grips feel good in your hands and allow for movement of the pistol (if you have smaller hands and need to cant the pistol in order to reach the magazine release) without cutting up your palms. 

The Magpul MOE 1911 TSP textured grip panels feel so good that they honestly give my $75 grips a run for their money.  

Where to Find them

You can find the grips through Magpul, your local dealer or Amazon. They re available in a number of different colors. Don’t forget they are made right here int he USA!

Magpul MOE 1911 Grip Panels on Amazon

About the Author

Rockforce is a law enforcement professional working in the Southwest border region. He has over a decade of service in both military and law enforcement.

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