A night out with Adaptive Firearms Institute and ArmaTargets

A week ago, I called an old friend, Ryan from Adaptive Firearms Institute and invited him to hang out with some of Blacksheepwarrior.com’s industry partners and writers. The agenda was going to be pretty low key and there was a lot of night shooting and some photography planned. However, after talking to Ryan, the plan evolved and we were all invited to his private range facility Northwest of Tucson, Arizona. 

Unfortunately, we were rather rushed as the change in venue came at the last minute, however, we managed to play on a static Boing 757, as well as shoot some night steel that was generously provided by the good folks at ArmaTargets

Also present were my good friends Paul and Connor from Overwatchdesigns.com who took advantage of the static Boing 757 to take some product pictures of their recently released “Overwatchworld” T-shirt.  @skipjack0311 and Opie were also present along with another writer who will be published soon, Tom Marshall, who used the low light shooting to work on some imagery and video for his upcoming SLR Rifleworks AK brake review/comparison.

Another product that we had a chance to play with was the MVB Industries equipped DDLES (Now Quarter Circle10) 9mm SBR that Opie is reviewing. You can check out his 9mm SBR review here and be on the look out for his MVB Industries stock review coming soon (I WANT ONE)!

I want to personally say “thank you” to Ryan and the gang from Adaptive Firearms Training Institute who were such gracious hosts and who gave us unprecedented access to his fine facility. We really hope we can take advantage of their hospitality in the future so please go check out their website and tell them we sent you.

Also, we were very impressed with the ArmaTargets and recommend you put one or two on your Christmas list! Heck, we need to add them to our 2015 Tactical Christmas Gift Guide!!!!

Don’t forget to check out that new shirt by Overwatchdesigns.com as well!

– Will

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