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About Us

About US




Will is a current law enforcement professional who’s passion for tactical gear inspired him to start

Will’s vision, to create a place where military and law enforcement professionals could research tactical gear for field use, quickly took off and became what is now a multi faceted resource and business.

Tactical Reviews for the Modern War-Fighter and Patriot!

At Black Sheep Warrior, gear reviews are more than just pictures and written descriptions, they are about helping professionals make the right purchase decision before spending their hard earned money.

More Than Just a Tactical Gear Review Site!

In addition to tactical gear reviews, hosts a fully featured online store as well as providing, behind the scenes, services such as, sample placement and industry networking.

Writers and Photographers enlists the talents of qualified, current and former Military and law enforcement professionals as well as some of the industries most talented photographers.  Many of our writers and photographers donate their time to provide our readers with top notch content!


 We only review gear that interests us and that would actually be used by one of our writers.

Content is posted up as both a resource to the end user as well as our industry partners.   

Morale Patches and More!

The Gear Store

We offer our readers access to SWAG as well as select products that merit placement in our store.  We also develop our own products to fill voids in the tactical industry!

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