Chris Tran

Chris Tran is a police officer for a large municipality in the Pacific Northwest. He writes equipment reviews aimed towards the everday user with a focus on functionality, durability, and cost effectiveness.

Mascot Workwear Pants Review

Mascot Workwear Pants Review by Chris Tran

With the exception of a few notable brands, jeans these days have turned from good honest work pants into stylish pants with embroidery and designs sewn into the back pockets that resemble doilies. Not quite fitting for weekend warrior projects around the house. It seems that I can’t go any more than 4 months without wearing a hole through the knees of my jeans. Worse, many pairs that I buy end up wearing and fraying through where my pants naturally crease or fold on my legs when I’m kneeling, or squatting, or sitting. What happened to quality work pants? Well, there are still good pants out there! Read the full review!

Armored Nutshellz

Chris Tran Reviews the Armored Nutshellz

Without devolving into juvenile jokes as I typically would do, there is verified applicability to this. Military, professional door kickers, law enforcement entry teams all report incidents of team members taking fire upon entry as a reality of their profession – wouldn’t it stand to reason that of all things to have protected, the groin would and should be one of them?

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