Author: Opie

How do Tactical Tourniquets Compare?

Looking online I was hard-pressed to find a comparison of more than two of the common tourniquets that are out there. For those of you looking to add a tourniquet to your EDC gear or for a solid piece of kit to ride shotgun with you hopefully the experiences outlined here will help you make an informed decision. Read on…….

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Truckers Friend Multipurpose Battle Axe Review

When I got the Trucker’s Friend in the mail, our senior editor kept referring to it as my “battleaxe”. There really is an aggressive “I’ll split your skull, sonny” look to it. In fact, in part of the literature Innovation Factory mentions one of the uses as self-defense. I know I would think twice about taking on someone armed with something that looked like it could decapitate you and build a tree-house afterwards.

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