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Ergo Grip

ERGO Grip 2 M4 Grip Review

The Ergo Grip 2 features an A2 sized inner cavity compatible with many accessories including the CAT M4 cleaning tool. It fits both .556 and .308 platforms without spacers and features an ergonomic fit that will inspire confidence and let you focus on more important tasks. The rubber texture provides a solid grip that you will feel even with gloves. Add in a material that Ergo Grip claims is “Virtually impervious to oils and solvents” and you have a solid M4/AR grip that you will be hard pressed to find fault with.

Palmetto State Armory PA-15 - Review

Palmetto State Armory PA-15 – Review

One of our law enforcement contributors, Tin Man, reviews his Palmetto State Armory PA-15 rifle with accessories. The accessories which have been placed on the rifle include a Midwest Industries Gen 2 SS-Series Free Float Handguard, an Aimpoint Patrol Rifle Optic, a B5 Systems SOPMOD Stock, a Surefire X300 weapon light, a Black Weapons Armory X-Comp comepnsator, and various Magpul pieces.

InForce WML Review

InForce WML White/IR Weapon Light Review

So, no joke, there I was on the deployment list for Afghanistan. I did what every cherry (to combat, that is) does and started flipping through catalogs and cruising every tactical website I could find. I happened upon the InForce WML White/IR and was drawn to it by its size and weight and the fact that it had an intigrated mount and pressure switch for a relatively low price of around $150 depending on where you go.

Emotional Survival for Law Enforcement

Emotional Survival for Law Enforcement – Book Review

Having been in the profession of arms my entire adult life, I have been exposed to multiple books, seminars, speeches, and other various training regarding dealing with stress and being able to remain a fully functional member of society and family despite the stressful career that I have chosen. After reading Kevin Gilmartin’s book, “Emotional Survival for the Law Enforcement Officer”, I find that his findings and advice are right in line with other training I have received and if followed, will help young officers effectively deal with the stresses encountered with the career they have chosen in law enforcement and allow them to be content with their personal and professional lives.

Streamlight TLR1 HL Review

Streamlight TLR1 HL (High Lumen) Review

So I was on the market for a new pistol light as the current one i run on duty was a little out dated. Don’t get me wrong, I have zero complaints about the Streamlight TLR1. I have had the same light issued to me for the past seven years. This is truly a reliable piece of equipment, but I was looking for a brighter light to rely on from clearing rooms for violent suspects, to chasing the drug runners along the US/Mexican border.

Tactical Tailor UMP/P90 Double Mag Pouch Review

After a long search without any success, a hard to find H&K UMP / P90 mag pouch landed in my lap (literaly). About a year or so ago, one of my friends who knew I was trying to find a way to carry my UMP mags traded of some peice of gear for the pouches featured in this review and gave them to me. I have been using them constantly ever since and wanted to briefly share my experience with them.

RTG1 Target – Rockwell Tactical Group

Targets are important tools, and when used correctly, can greatly aid your marksmanship and improve your combat effectiveness. Using other training aids, like steel targets, also aids in training. There is a time and place for all types of targets. From bulls-eyes to real-imagery shoot/no-shoot targets. From different shapes to Zombie targets, they all have a place in quality training.

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