Combatives for Concealed Carry

Combatives for Concealed Carry DVD Review

Justin White, owner of Mad Science Defense, is an experienced martial arts practitioner with a Black Belt in Japanese Jiu-Jitsu and a Purple Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, a former professional MMA Fighter, and an NRA Certified Pistol Instructor.  White served as a guest instructor for the Fort Leavenworth Combatives Program where he logged several hundreds of hours teaching military personnel from all branches of service and multiple allied nations.  White has developed a program he calls Combatives for Concealed Carry, which is currently available on two DVDs: Clinch-Fighting Volume 1 and Ground-Fighting Volume 1.  Justin was kind enough to send me these two DVDs for review, which I will share my thoughts on in this article.

Clinch-Fighting Volume 1 consists of thirteen chapter sections covering multiple scenarios, strategies, and techniques designed to give the concealed carrier the upper hand during an upright grappling situation, where protecting the firearm is paramount to survival.  White demonstrates the use of the underhook and overhook as methods to control distance and body positioning.  White also teaches the viewer how to transition to a firearm or secondary weapon (i.e. a knife on the support side or centerline) from a position of dominance, as well as how to regain control when the attacker grabs onto a deployed weapon.  This DVD contains multiple extras at the end, which include choosing dummy weapons, strikes with the handgun, using a clinch training dummy, and conducting training scenarios.

In my opinion, White has successfully implemented the use of MMA grappling techniques (drawing from Muay Thai, Jiu-Jitsu, and Greco-Roman Wrestling) into a practical defense system.  What I really liked was that White emphasized the priority of remaining on one’s feet to remain mobile, as opposed to intentionally taking the fight to the ground.  The latter is a mistake that is commonly made by trainers who try to adapt MMA and/or BJJ training to the armed community.

Ground-Fighting Volume 1 essentially picks up where the Clinch-Fighting DVD leaves off.  White begins with teaching the technical (or tactical) get-up, a technique that allows you to stand up in base without turning your back to your threat or placing yourself off balance.  He then teaches you how to address a standing opponent from a grounded position (aka the up-down) by controlling distance and accessing your firearm.  White spends the rest of the DVD teaching escapes and reversals for the most common ground positions, including the mount, guard, side control, and back control.  Every technique White teaches accounts for the fact that you are carrying a firearm, as well as a secondary edged weapon.

White does not attempt to turn viewers into MMA fighters, neither does he teach complex submissions or fancy reversals.  All of the techniques on the ground fighting DVD are simple and effective.  They do not require years of grappling training to master, but like anything physical, they do require practice.  You won’t learn these techniques by simply watching the DVD any more than you will get fit by watching aerobics on TV.  You have to train.  

Both DVDs are organized very well with easy-to-navigate chapter sections.  Each technique contains its own chapter section that ends with a written summary containing an overview and important points to remember.  The camera angles show all of the technical detail without any background distractions.  The only negative aspect concerning production quality is that the instructional audio is only on the right channel, whereas the music during the intro, chapter transitions, and outro is in stereo.  This disparity in volume isn’t very noticeable when viewed on a computer, but is quite noticeable when viewed on a TV with surround sound.  The quality of the instruction, however, more than makes up for this minor production quality issue.

I would like to commend Justin White on his Combatives for Concealed Carry program.  I would highly recommend these videos to anyone who regularly carries a firearm, concealed or otherwise (appendix-carry fans will especially enjoy this DVD).  These videos may be purchased individually for $26.50 each, or as a set for $40.00 from Mad Science Defense.

Photo Credits: Mad Science Defense

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