I came across the Condor Quick Release Plate Carrier about a year or so ago.  At the time I was looking for a vest that was capable of holding both soft armor and SAPI plates and most of all it had to be cheap because I was on a budget!  I had used Condor products before and while they don’t make the highest quality products on the market, they do sell a product that people can actually afford.

The Condor Quick Release Plate Carrier comes in a variety of colors including multicam and can be purchased for around $100-120. It has a built in mechanism for quickly dropping the entire vest from your body if the situation dictates. Molle strapping is abundant, evenly spaced and I have yet to see it fail.

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One of the really positive aspects of this vest is that the cummerbund is not flexible at its rear attachment point, so you don’t have to use 550 cord to tie it all together.


The vest easily fits my soft armor panels and my ceramic SAPI plates and holds them securely.

One downside is that it does not have a pouch to hold an extra trauma plate in the chest area.


The vest has primarily been used for call outs and rarely has seen extended field use, however, through my experience with other condor products Im sure it would hold up well under extended use and exposure to the elements.  The adjustable padded shoulder straps provide all day comfort unlike some other vest I have used.  I have spent entire days wearing the vest in conjunction with my Camelbak Talon backpack and didn’t feel any extreme discomfort.

If Condor asked me what they could do to improve the vest I would tell them to do two things:

  • Add an internal pocket for a trauma plate.
  • Provide extra velcro on the back to support standard sized LEO identifiers.

I’m sure people will ask “Condor? For duty use? Isn’t that for Airsoft?”  Who knows! All I know is, it works, it was cheap and it is becoming extremely popular in law enforcement circles.

Stay safe out there! 

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Be safe out there!

– Will

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Condor Products on Amazon