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Elzetta Alpha 315 Lumen Light Giveaway

Elzetta Alpha 315 Lumen Light Giveaway

We are giving away a free Blacksheepwarrior Edition Elzetta Alpha A312 Tactical Light!

This light puts out approximately 315 Lumens and easily fits in your pocket!

The Elzetta Alpha is 100% made in the USA and is virtually indestructible!

Need one but cannot wait for the giveaway to end? No worries we have you covered. Use the coupon code ”elzetta20” (20% off and free shipping) during the giveaway and if you win, your Elzetta Alpha A312 purchase price will be refunded!!! Click here to learn more about the Elzetta A312 and watch a Elzetta light being dropped from a helicopter.

How to enter:

Win a Free Elzetta Alpha A312 Tactical Light!!!!

About the light:

  • Model A312
  • Black Sheep Warrior Logo Engraved on body
  • Crenellated Bezel
  • Standard Lens
  • Click on/off Tail Cap
  • 315 lumens
  • Free Speed Clip
  • Free shipping

Enter below and use the lucky URL to earn more entries! 

Don’t want to wait? Use the coupon code ”elzetta20” (20% off and free shipping) 

Don’t see the model you want? just email us and we will make it happen discount and all!

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