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New Escape & Evasion DVD by The Survival Summit

The Survival Summit has introduced a new Escape & Evasion DVD featuring Jack Richland of Black Scout Survival!  I have come to consider Jack a personal friend.  He’s not just a great guy all-around, but he knows his stuff when it comes to both urban and rural survival.  This DVD has some excellent information and is a must-buy for every urban prepper.  I’ll let the trailers speak for themselves.

Survival Escape & Evasion – Anti-Kidnapping Techniques For an Uncertain World



In the year 2014 the United States of America averaged:

• 700 Abductions per day
• 8,000 home invasions per day
• 40 murders per day

And those are just the crimes that were actually reported.
Right here in the United States of America during relatively safe times, a violent crime occurs every 25.3 seconds. What will that look like when times get worse?

You buy a gun to protect yourself and your family, but how will you protect them when you’re not right there by their side?


This DVD will teach you:

•Escape Illegal Restraints
•Duct Tape
•Zip Ties and Flex Cuffs
•Escape from the trunk of a car while handcuffed
•How to secretly carry everyday items on your person to escape illegal restraints
•How to lose someone who you suspect is following you
•Anti Tracking & Counter Surveillance Techniques
•Untraceable Communications
•Lock Picking with tools as well as every day items
•Cellphone Complacency 
•Anti-kidnapping techniques
•Everyday disguises that will make you virtually disappear

This and many other high-quality DVD’s can be purchased at The Survival Summit.  Can’t wait for the mail?  Get the streaming video!


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Survival Summit Escape & Evasion

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