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Kinect MLOK 3 Slot Mount Giveaway

Kinect MLOK 3 Slot Mount Giveaway

Kinetic Development Group, maker of fine FN SCAR and AR-15 Accessories, has graciously sponsored this weeks giveaway, a Kinect 3 Slot MLOK Mount!

Now, if you have never heard of these guys then you need to check out the video below! It will explain the ingenious system!

But first! Enter the giveaway and share with your friends and family to earn more entries!!! The links open in a new window!

Win a free Kinect 3 Slot QD Mount!

Quickly add or remove mission specific accessories from you MLOK based weapon system using Kinetic Development Group’s revolutionary approach to Magpul’s MLOK slots.  

Kinetic Development Group has a greed to refund the winner if he/she has purchased a 3 Slot Kinect QD Mount Section during the giveaway period so there is no reason to wait!

Make sure you check out the full Kinect line at

Entering is easy and you can easily gain more entries if your friends and family enter using your lucky URL!

Who doesn’t like free stuff?

Win a free Kinect 3 Slot QD Mount!

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