Megiddo M-LOK Rail Covers Available for Pre-Order

We, (, are super excited to announce that our Megiddo M-LOK Rail Covers are available for pre-order!

M-LOK is an amazingly simple MIL/LE mounting standard developed by Magpul Ind. and offered as an open license. We believe that M-LOK is going to be the standard moving forward and our Megiddo M-LOK Rail Covers are ready for action!

About the Megiddo M-LOK Rail Cover:

Made from G10 material, our M-LOK rail covers are comfortable, heat resistant and ergonomically designed to protect your hands and be un-obtrusive. 

They are currently available in four sizes and are measured by the number of M-LOK slots that they cover. Here are the sizes:

1 slot, 2 slot, 3 slot and 4 slot

The Megiddo M-LOK Rail Covers will be available 8 colors:

Black, OD-Green,Coyote, Natural, Camo (Green/Black), Camo (Gray/Black), Hot Pink, Neon Green

Megiddo M-LOK Rail Covers are available for pre-order individually as well as in combo sets of 2 and 3. Combo sets offer a substantial discount!

Order yours today!

Why Megiddo?

Tel Megiddo is the name of a mountain fortress in Israel and according to the book of Revelations, is the location of the last battle or the “Armageddon”. 

Special thanks to Down Range Photography for providing the amazing image at the top of this post! Thanks John, you rock!

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