Disruptive Tactical pants

MTG Now Carrying Disruptive Tactical Pants

Our sister brand, MTG Tactical has just started carrying Disruptive Tactical Pants!  If you are a long time reader you will remember we did a night shoot with Ryan from Disruptive Tactical (read about it here). At the time,  Ryan was finalizing the prototypes and getting them into the hands of tier 1 operators and law enforcement tactical teams.

We were able to catch up with Ryan and he offered to let us carry them on our gear store.

Disruptive Products designed the pants around the perceived weak points of some of the larger brands that charge upwards of $200 a pair for similar pants.  Check out the video below and don’t forget to visit the official Blacksheepwarrior.com gear store here…….you may be surprised to see how affordable they actually are!


– Will

You can learn more about the pants and see the INCREDIBLE PRICE at https://megiddotacticalgroup.com/product/disruptive-tactical-pant/


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