Black Sheep Warrior

About Black Sheep Warrior:

Black Sheep Warrior is a military/law enforcement owned and operated tactical equipment blog. We are dedicated to serving the review needs of both military/law enforcement professionals and civilian patriots.

The reviews on this site, focus heavily on photos, to provide the reader the feeling that they have almost held the product in their hands before deciding to purchase.  Reviews are always the result of extensive field testing and only positive reviews are published.  Products that fail to meet operational standards are sent back to the manufacturer with detailed notes explaining how the product can be improved.

In addition to product reviews, Black Sheep Warrior also focuses on behind the scenes networking and connecting professionals and businesses. This focus on personal relationships and trust, is and will always be, the cornerstone of the of what Black Sheep Warrior does.

At Black Sheep Warrior, gear reviews are more than just pictures and written descriptions, they are about helping professionals make the right purchase decision before spending their hard earned money.

Who we are:

The site was founded in July of 2012 and is the brain-child of two close knit brothers, Will and Dave.  Will and Dave have over 15 years (combined) of military/para-military experience that they rely on when evaluating equipment.

Both Will and Dave grew up on a ranch in southeast Washington State.  When they weren’t training horses or branding cattle for local ranches, they were painting their faces and heading to the river bottom to play war.  Summer or Winter, it didn’t matter, the face paint went on and no operation was a success if it didn’t include a nice icy swim! Weapons of choice ranged from painted wood AK 47s to airsoft rifles and the barn door still has a panel missing from all those breaches! It was childhood that most only dream about, but it prepared them for the careers that they would eventually follow. 

Before entering their respective fields, both brothers attended college. Will double majored (BA) in International Affairs and Spanish while Dave has a Bachelor of Science in Global Security.

Will, has since entered the law enforcement field and currently works in the southwest border region, while Dave, is a member of the military special operations community.  Day to day operations of the website are handled mainly by Will and Dave heads up the other projects department (OPD).

Aside from Will and Dave, Black Sheep Warrior is also the home to a handful of military/law enforcement guest writers that have been crucial to our growing success!

black sheep patch

About the logo:

For over a year, Will and Dave have been silent on the meaning of the Black Sheep Warrior logo.  It wasn’t due to a lack of meaning but rather a desire to express it in a way that respects its roots as well as the brave men that have worn it in battle.

The logo was first designed in 2008 as  an unofficial mascot for B Company 1-161 Infantry 3rd Platoon of the Washington Army National Guard.  As an infantry platoon, the men were called on to conduct three mission sets: convoy logistical patrols, quick reaction force (QRF), and combat presence patrols.  It was not the first deployment to a combat zone for many in 3rd platoon.

Throughout the course of their deployment, 3rd platoon became known as the Black Sheep Platoon of their company because they were a different sort of soldier from the rest.  The platoon quickly grew to cherish their new motto; a Black Sheep image (similar to the one used by the founders of this site) was quickly made into patches, painted on shirts, and the platoon’s gun trucks (it might be on some jersey barriers cough, cough….).

While deployed, 3rd platoon conducted more combat missions than any other platoon in their battalion and was entrusted with the responsibility of operating decentralized (nearly half a country away) from their battalion in one of the most dangerous cities in Iraq, Mosul. With only 3.5 months left in their deployment, the platoon quickly changed their focus from convoy security to QRF and combat patrols in the dangerous and demanding environment of Mosul. While serving in Mosul, the men of Black Sheep Platoon were personally thanked for their selfless efforts by the acting post commander (General Brown).

Since returning home, many of the members of Black Sheep Platoon have integrated into civilian life/jobs, some have pursued careers in special operations, and others are still serving in the Washington Army National Guard.

Black Sheep Warrior contributes its inspiration for this site to the men of Black Sheep Platoon, friends near and dear. It is because of men like these, warriors and rebels in their own right, that Black Sheep Warrior dedicates its time and effort to provide quality gear reviews/advice.



“Being a black sheep was and is ((about)) doing what’s right, despite the sheeply blindly following along. Our brotherhood had that mentality for the most part, and we were brothers from it”. 

Platoon Leader: 

“The Blacksheep was about realizing that it didn’t matter what everyone else was doing, we were going to do things the way we knew how to make sure everyone came home.  Often times that meant working extra hours to do the right thing.  The guys invested an entire year of their lives to doing the hard right over the easy wrong, and it’s what pulled the platoon together on mission to ensure everyone came home in one piece.”

Are you a Black Sheep Platoon Veteran?  We want to hear your story! Send us an email at