Hello everyone,

Its my pleasure to introduce our new team member Mark (@556Sinatra on Instagram).  Mark has been helping out with Black Sheep Warrior (BSW) operations in the background for some time now and I want to personally thank him for helping me get my mojo back after what has been a very busy and stressful year.  Like many of the writers that have provided content for BSW, Mark brings new ideas and crucial energy to keep the content and product line rolling forward!



Let me take a moment to share a little of Mark’s background and shed some light on what he will bringing to the BSW Team.  

Mark has been working in the firearms industry for some time now and recently graduated from business school (MBA).  Before moving to Montana, he worked for a very busy firearms dealer and also worked as an intern for a reloading and shooting supply store.  He has experience with practically every type of firearms customer and knows the needs and unique requirements of military, law enforcement and civilian patriot customers.  Mark has sold every optic from Nikon to Nightforce, every AR from Ruger to LMT and every pistol from a Walther 22 to Nighthawk Custom 1911.  

Along the way, Mark has seen many items work, and sometimes fail from use by the once a month shooter to specialized police units.  So, he knows what works and what doesn’t.  Mark is going to share our reader’s passion for good quality kit and the best bang for your buck.

Mark has invested his time and money in learning form some of the top firearms instructors such as Aaron Cowan of Sage Dynamics, Mike Glover and Kurt of Fieldcraft Survival, and Larry Vickers of Vickers Tactical. 



So, what does this mean for you, our reader? It means Mark will provide you with honest feedback and information about products, something that you expect from the Black Sheep Warrior team.  Furthermore, Mark will provide a slightly different point of view from many of our other contributors who have Mil/LEO experience. 

It also means that you will be enjoying some great photography from the lovely @laineah (Marks girlfriend and the talent behind the images on this post).

But most importantly, Mark will be a shot in the arm for the Black Sheep Warrior team who need some new energy and passion moving forward.

So, please sound off in the comments and welcome Mark to the team! And don’t forget to follow  his Instagram account @556sinatra.

– Will


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