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Shot Show 2016 

Wow, day one of Shot Show 2016 is over and I am trying to remember all the cool folks I met and sweet products that I want to pass along to you guys. I have to admit that even though I have been to Shot Show once before, nothing really prepares you for the sensory overload!

There are a ton of companies that we interacted with and hopefully we can update this post as the days go on but for now here are some pictures from day 1.

Daniel Defense

Fathom Arms Team Wendy, BE Meyers, Elzetta Lights ( you can get yours from our sister site 😉 ).

Chris Tran is one hell of a dude! I’m glad we could meet in person finally!

Strike Industries has been a big supporter of Black Sheep Warrior and we love their products!

Beatonzone MFG. These guys were excited to throw our Megiddo M-LOK Covers on their demo rifles which was super cool of them! Cross promotion is always good 🙂 

Kaiser US and Hexmag were cool enough to feature our Megiddo M-LOK Covers on a demo rifle!

Team Wendy, maker of the best tactical helmet on earth!

Garmin Tactical Watch, Salient Arms International Glock and SCCY Handguns (check out their photo post by Stuntgunner here)

2A Armament is a company we think folks should watch! Ryan was super helpful!

Rugged Suppressors make some nice cans! 

The XProducts booth was the highlight of the day! I spotted our natural colored Megiddo M-LOK Covers and the lighting along with that amazing San Tan Tactical Rifle put a smile on my face! Nothing like seeing your work pay off and look that good!

I ran into one of the guys from AR500 Armor and took a picture of this sweet Team Wendy Fett helmet.

Day 2 is yet to come, don’t forget to share this post and follow us on Instagram and Facebook for our Shot Show 2016 feed!

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  1. I know this article is from 2016, but I would like to know where I can get that Beatonzone Mfg. Charging handle with the fold out lever, that C/H is awesome and I would like to have one for my AR-15

      1. I have looked everywhere, for one of those side flip out rear charging handles I can not find any anywhere and it sucks that the only people that had them are out of business, if you find out where to get them please let me know. thanks

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