Tactical iPhone case Review

Strike Industries Tactical Battle Case SHOX for Apple iPhone 5

By: Will

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The Strike Industries Tactical Battle Case SHOX for Apple iPhone 5 is a serious contender to become my favorite, low profile, tactical iPhone Case.  The SHOX’s most prominent features are the finger loop, corner protection (with springs) and dust covers for every port.  All in all, the Strike Industries SHOX Case for the Apple iPhone 5 has a ton of features that todays military, law enforcement and sporting communities will love and is a serious challenger to the Magpul Industries iPhone 5 Field Case.

Tactical iPhone case Review

The SHOX case comes in some nifty “outside the box” packaging which includes the port plugs and a set of black springs.

The Case:

To start, the SHOX case either looks super cool or bat crazy depending on whatever your brain decides in the first seconds of seeing it.  I really wasn’t sure what to think at first but it didn’t take long to start appreciating some of the SHOX case’s features.  In a tactical world full of Magpul Field Cases, the SHOX case is still relatively unique and generates a lot of interest, all of which has been positive.


Tactical iPhone case Review

The case comes in five colors: black, tan, grey, pink and white


The Strike Industries Tactical Battle Case SHOX is made from colored, thermoplastic polyurethane and is available in black, tangrey, pink and white.  For this review, I tested out the black, tan and grey versions.  Speaking of colors, the SHOX comes with a second set of black springs which are easily switched out.


tactical iPhone 5 case

The Strike Ind. Tactical Battle Case SHOX in black with a Gerber Applegate-Fairbairn Combat Folder (See product link at end of review)


Tactical iPhone 5 case

Grey SHOX case on a GLOCK 21 Gen 4 with a Streamlight TLR-1S

The Multi functional Loop:

Strike Industries lists a handful of uses for the loop at the top of the SHOX case but, I use it for a finger loop and probably wont be able to live without it ever again!  It is just super easy to recover the phone from pockets etc. and to be honest, your mind adapts very quickly. The loop is apparently, useful for hanging the iPhone from a carabiner while hiking or mountain biking (haven’t tried that yet).


tactical iPhone case

The loop is super useful and takes all the work out of recovering your phone quickly.

tactical iphone case

One of the many reasons I choose Riggs Ranger pants is the handy iPhone sized pocket on the right leg. the SHOX case fits it perfectly (Unlike the photo suggests, the phone sits securely). Look for the Riggs Ranger pants link at the end of the review.

tactical iPhone Case

The SHOX case’s loop can be used for securing the phone to a carabiner, etc. but, I primarily use it for a finger loop. It is easy to use even with gloves.

The SHOX Springs:

One of the first things that catches peoples eyes, are the patent pending, impact springs on each corner of the case.  Now, I have had a handful of people ask me what purpose they serve (Droid guys…) and basically they protect the iPhone’s most susceptible area…..the corners.  iPhones are super durable and the iPhone 5 really takes screen strength to new levels, however, if you experience a corner drop on a hard surface you can shatter the screen.  I have seen this happen on both unprotected iPhones as well as a co-worker’s iPhone 4 with a Magpul Field Case.  Hence the springs, and I can attest to them working after a friend missed my iPhone toss and it hit the ground!  The iphone actually bounced up a bit and he caught it mid air.  Granted, everyone’s results may vary.  Strike Ind. ships the SHOX case with red springs but also includes a set of black ones at no additional charge!

Tactical iPhone Case

The SHOX case’s springs protect the iPhone 5’s most vulnerable area….the corners.

Tactical iPhone Case

Strike Ind. includes a second set of black springs in case the red ones don’t do it for you. (right corner)

Port Plugs:

The Strike Ind. SHOX Case has some small but noticeable features that are pretty cool and unique.  First of all, the speaker guard doubles as a debris guard as well as directing the speaker’s sound towards the user.  It really works and helps keep the speakers from just bleeding off sound in every direction.  The SHOX also features removable plugs that provide limited splash protection and help keep debris out of all the open ports and speakers.

Tactical iPhone case

The Strike Ind. SHOX features a speaker guard that helps direct the iPhone’s speakers towards the user.

tactical iPhone case review

Port plugs are removable and cover all the open ports including the speaker guard and silent switch.

tactical iPhone Case Review

The vibrate/silent switch can be covered with a plug. The plug is difficult to remove but provides splash protection.

Camera Port:

Strike Industries tactical Battle Case SHOX comes with a pre-cut class or plastic window that you can choose to use in front of your camera and flash lens.  I personally only used it for a short time and then removed it as the iPhone’s camera lens is very well made and will probably outlast the piece included with the case. On another note, I found that the included glass piece attracted a lot of dust and lint from my pockets.  It is a nice touch for protecting the camera and flash but, should only be used for the same circumstances that you would use the other port plugs.

tactical iPhone case Review

I havent had any issues with the SHOX’s camera opening.

Credit Card Slot:

To be perfectly honest, my first reaction to the credit card slot was one of skepticism.  I really have never felt the need to put a credit card in the back of my iPhone but, there are a lot of products that do feature this option so, to each his own!  I have however, started testing the slot as a location for ID and other similar sized cards that do interesting things.  The ID card works great because I can run to the gym without taking a wallet and still have my drivers license and medical card for my pig heart.

Tactical iPhone case review

The SHOX’s credit card slot is a nifty feature that I initially showed skepticism to.


So, there are some downsides to the SHOX case but, like me, I honestly believe you will find them to be negligible.  If I was to recommend any slight change to the case, it would be to raise the sleep/wake button slightly and soften the material a bit around the volume buttons.  Neither are a deal breaker for me.  On a final negative note, the case is made in China and not the United States. 


Tactical iphone case Review

Strike Industries Tactical Battle Case SHOX for iPhone 5


tactical iPhone case Review

Strike Industries Tactical Battle Case SHOX with a Gerber Applegate Fairbairn Combat Folder.

Wrap Up:

As I mentioned in the summary, the Strike Industries Tactical Battle Case SHOX for the Apple iPhone 5 is a serious contender to become my favorite low profile, tactical iPhone Case.  I seriously don’t think I can live without the finger loop and the credit card holder is great for holding your electronic door swiper etc.  I really like how Strike Industries has made such a versatile iPhone case while keeping the size to a minimum.  If you are looking for a low profile Tactical Case then give the Strike Industries SHOX a try, just be warned…. the integrated finger loop is super addicting!

Safety Note:

It is highly recommended that you do not place your SHOX case in a spare mag pouch.  It is very tempting, and if you shoot for fun or do mil-sim then by all means have at it but,  if you are in the line of fire, I would recommend stashing it in your patrol vehicle or leaving it at the FOB.  But, that is your business and we all know what happens when adrenaline kicks in and fine motor skills go out the window. 

Stay ready, stay safe!


tactical iPhone case Review

Its very tempting to place the SHOX case in an open mag pouch.

tactical iPhone Case Review

Do the math!

Tactical iPhone case Review

Give the Strike Industries Battle Case SHOX for iPhone 5 a try!

Buying Options:

Strike Industries:

Strike Industries has a wide variety of cool and intuitive “think outside the box” tactical products you can follow them on Facebook and Twitter.



We have also included links to Amazon where you can purchase both the SHOX case as well as other products featured in this review.

Strike Industries Tactical Battle Case SHOX for Apple iPhone 5

Gerber Applegate-Fairbairn Combat Folder (Not sure why but this knife is under $50. Review in the works)

RIGGS Ranger Pant 


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